Le Grand Bornand, France

Le Grand Bornand Child Care photo, FranceChild Care (2008/09 prices)

Garderie Les P'tits Maringouins has locations in the Le Grand Bornand village and also in Chinaillon.

Garderie Les P’tits Maringouins au Village (4 50 02 79 05; fax: 4 50 02 28 01) is in its own building “L’Espace Grand-Bo” in Le Grand Bornand village near the center of the village. There are play rooms, a motor-exercise room, a book corner, a mini climbing wall, a ball-swimming pool and even a trampoline. They accept children 3 months to 5 years old. Children ages 2-1/2 and older can also participate in Les P’tits Bouts De Glisse where they can learn to ski on the nursery slope.

The Garderie Les P’tits Maringouins Le Chinaillon (450 09 60 80) accepts children 8 months to 5 years. It is open only in the winter.

Both the garderie in the village and in Le Chinaillon are open from 9 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.; however, the center in Le Chinaillon is only open Monday through Saturday while the center in Le Grand Bornand village is open every day.

These are the prices for both of the Les P’tits Maringouins locations. A morning without meal costs €16.90; an afternoon without meal costs €21.50. A full day with meal costs €35. Three consecutive days with meal cost €98. Six mornings (Sunday through Friday) without meal costs €85; six afternoons without meal costs €107.50. Six full days (Sunday through Friday) with meal costs €175. If you want a course that doesn't already have the meal included in the price you can request a meal plan which costs an additional €11 per day. There is also a €3 enrollment charge.

The hour-long introductory course to Jardin des Neiges "Les P'tits Bouts de Glisse" costs €12.

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